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Keeping up to date with the Portugal property news in the area in which you wish to invest is an important part of the buying or selling process. Choosing the right time to buy or to sell your property can sometimes save significant sums of money.

We will be publishing articles relevant to the industry and will keep an eye on what is happening in Portugal’s property market. The country is currently experiencing a property boom as buyers from all over the world flock to take advantage of the country’s natural wealth as well as the government’s fiscal incentives.

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Why Choose Portugal? “It’s a no brainer!”

Why Choose Portugal? “It’s a no brainer!”

Choosing a destination for relocation, be it for retirement, investment, or a lifestyle change and, irrespective of the pandemic, the Algarve remains a prime choice as verified by many surveys. It is widely recognised, throughout the world, that Portugal handled the...

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